Information Architect/User Experience Designer

19 Apr 2010 - 3:22pm
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Jeffrey D. Gimzek

Hey Kids,

Do you want to work on all the [soon to be] coolest online and mobile application interfaces?

Can you design both information and interactions ?

Then we have the gig for you:

My company is looking for experienced IA/UX professionals that can shape the user experience from both and interaction and information perspective.
If you are stronger in one than the other, that is fine, but some experience in both is necessary.

Our clients are mostly Fortune 100 financial services companies, with some random startups thrown in to keep us fresh.

We are looking for motivated and self-managing freelancer, hours are flexible and pay is competitive based on experience. The set of projects we have in mind will require from 4 to 6 months of engagement, and if we all get along, more projects will most likely begin during that period. We are located in Sausalito, though the work will often require client meetings in San Francisco. Work from home is possible /some/ of the time.

You'll be required to be smart, creative and engaged on large scale web and mobile applications tailored to specific user groups.

Your portfolio should reflect similar work - large, complicated software that is mission critical for Fortune 500 companies - regardless of vertical.

Visio and Omnigraffle experience required.

Drop me a line with a self-aggrandizing blurb and link to your coolest stuff.

To reiterate: Local to Bay Area only.

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