How to display relevant home page as per the user type for first time users?

30 Mar 2010 - 5:04am
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Sachin Ghodke

Type of Website: Portal

Target Audience: Companies that need art (artworks like vector art) and order sampling done. These companies are Promotional Suppliers and Distributors. There are first time users (lot of them) and existing client base.

The entire process is set online for receiving art till the point we invoice it.

Objective: Intuitively show personalized home page depending on the type of first time user (here -> Supplier or Distributor).

Problem: How does one set to achieve this objective?

Possible Solution: I can see two ways to do this:
When the user visits the website:
[1] he/she will be prompted in the form of a modal box to gather basic information. This information could be
[a] Basic Personal Information: Name, Company, Email, Phone number.
[b] Basic Habit Information: this asks the user questions related to what his/her needs are.
Depending on choice 1.a or 1.b the respective home page is displayed.

[2] the user will be shown a common page and depending on his habits and interactions he/she
will be shown the relevant page the next visit onwards. 
However, #2 does not help in addressing the first time users.

What is the best possible way to tackle this problem? Your thoughts ideas would help.

Thank you all.


30 Mar 2010 - 9:14am
Karl Herler

Just my $0.02 but wouldn't prompting a first time user for information be both a distraction from his objective and rather confusing? I would at least, if I'm i.e. looking for artwork, be rather perplexed if the first thing I'm faced with is a battery of questions rather than pretty pictures. I also feel that it might cause some distrust, I would definitely not give away my company or personal information as the first thing I do when I'm at a site.

So I would go for option [2] and probably try to identify which group is my main target group (or the one that requires more direct information to achieve a sale..or interest) and organize the information based on that for first visits and if possible figure out as much about the user as quickly as possible and reorganize.

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