Resources for Interaction Design

20 Mar 2010 - 1:31am
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I'm currently reading the 'About Interface 3,' which actually leads me to this organization. I've read a few interaction-design related books but it's only with about face that I realized that usability, aesthetics and interaction design are not the same. I mean they are related but not the same. I used to interchange them. Anyway, I am newbie to this software design though I've been 'bug tester' for years already so I was from the 'design is all about 'ease-of-use' camp.' In short, my 'knowledge-level' is superficial.

Right now, I want to learn more about how to design a work-flow of an application. So anyone here I can follow who is into designing 'work-flow?' Books? Please.

tenchu, and I welcome myself here. =)


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