Pricing info options in cart page

8 Mar 2010 - 7:31am
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There is a service (content) based product whose pricing varies across countries as the amount of product content differs country to country. Users are likely to choose to buy the product meant for his/her country for best value, but pricing is by default defined in US dollars irrespective of the country. There is VAT added for EU customers alone.

1. Are there any research or good cart design examples similar to above such scenarios?

2. Should visitor always be shown pricing (service based product) inclusive of taxes? Or is it okay to mention something like (Taxes extra) below the pricing info? Or is it must 'what user sees is what user pays finally' model be followed?

3. While US dollar was what we designed and valued the products for initially, we felt including home country currency for homeland customers so that they can estimate better and pay in the home currency directly without need for making conversions before purchasing. So, is it good to allow user to choose to pay in the currency they want (either US dollars or home currency)? Adding to this complexity was the 'Service tax' that needs to be included in the cart page on the subtotal amount if paid using home currency. From my understanding, this 'Service tax' is calculated on the subtotal amount and is irrespective of the number of cart items. This is shown in a seperate row that is just above the estimated total amount row in the cart page.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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