iPragma announces xSort 1.5

30 Apr 2006 - 8:48am
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iPragma announces xSort 1.5

iPragma announces the launch of xSort 1.5 (http://www.ipragma.com/
xsort), a card sorting tool for the Mac OS X.

xSort allows you to model and conduct a card sorting exercise in a
graphical view that simulates a table with physical cards that can be
dragged around. Also, xSort presents you the results of the exercise
based on statistical analysis and clustering algorithms. Finally, it
allows you to create printable reports.

Version 1.5 includes the most requested feature: subgroup support.
Also, it's the first Universal Binary version of xSort, which means
it runs at full speed on Intel Macs.

Other new features are:

- Easier data input.
- Re-designed reports.
- Exercise table view is now zoomable.
- When the exercise starts, cards may be spread around or stacked in
a corner.
- Documentation comes now in Apple Help format (together with a PDF
file, like the previous versions).

xSort has a 30 days unlimited trial period. A Single User license
costs $29, a Site licence costs $239, and there is also a $19
Academic license available.


"Card sorting is a user-centered design method for increasing a
system’s findability. The process involves sorting a series of cards,
each labeled with a piece of content or functionality, into groups
that make sense to users or participants.


Card sorting is a great, reliable, inexpensive method for finding
patterns in how users would expect to find content or functionality.
Those patterns are often referred to as the users’ mental model. By
understanding the users’ mental model, we can increase findability,
which in turn makes the product easier to use."

(in 'Card sorting: a definitive guide' by Todd Warfel, Donna Maurer.
| http://elfurl.com/rdhbi)

ipragma at ipragma.com

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