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9 Mar 2004 - 10:45am
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Peter Merholz

Hello all--

Adaptive Path is offering a bunch of workshops this year, in Chicago,=20
Amsterdam, New York, Washington, D.C., and Toronto.

ID Discuss subscribers get a 15% discount with code AFT16.

Of particular interest to this crowd will be these workshops:

Make Your CMS Work For You
Chicago, IL. May 20, 2004
Why do so many CMS projects fail? Because companies often don't do the=20=

necessary prep work. Expensive technological solutions are ignored when=20=

they don't meet your organization's expectations.

After working with several companies, and talking to people at dozens=20
more, we've come up with eight steps that will help you to use your CMS=20=

efficiently. In this session, Jeffrey Veen will teach you how to=20
inventory your content, analyze your current workflow, and deconstruct=20=

your current pages into templates. We'll help you use your existing CMS=20=

or move your site to a new CMS without all the costly mistakes.

Early reg (before April 20): $295 ($251 with 15% discount)
Normal reg (after April 20): $345 ($293 with 15% discount)

Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience
Amsterdam. June 22-23, 2004

Our two-day intensive workshop with Jeffrey Veen and Peter Merholz=20
teaches you how to incorporate user goals and business needs into the=20
design process. You'll develop a detailed understanding of users=20
through task analysis, mental models, personas, and scenarios. You'll=20
create a user-centered information architecture that meets business=20
needs. You'll learn to manage in-house usability tests. And we'll teach=20=

you to validate and defend your most important design decisions.

Early reg (before May 22): $995 ($846 with 15% discount)
Normal reg (after April 20): $1095 ($931 with 15% discount)

The Elements of User Experience
New York, NY. July 22, 2004
Jesse James Garrett, using his renowned Elements of User Experience and=20=

Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams models, provides a framework for=20
user-centered Web design with clear explanations and vivid=20
illustrations that you can put to immediate use.

This presentation will impose order on the chaotic array of terms and=20
concepts currently being used to describe user experience development.=20=

We'll review the big picture =97 from strategy and requirements to=20
information architecture and visual design =97 and explain how each=20
element of user-experience design can help you develop a process.

Early reg (before May 20): $295 ($251 with 15% discount)
Normal reg (after May 20): $345 ($293 with 15% discount)


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