good interface examples for web basedapplications

9 Mar 2004 - 7:33am
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Dave Malouf

As I said in my first post on this subject I have been intimately involved
in CMS UI design for the last 3 years.

Mitja, e-mailed me privately that EMC was meant to be ECM as in Enterprise
Content Management. I suggest people use the term CMS b/c a silly company
decided to buy the biggest vendor of CMS and their name is EMC ... Silly
name people.

Saying that designers are upset with CMS is like going to the prom and
saying the decorations stink and complaining about the band and the food
when you decided to have nothing to do with the preparation.

Where have we been? Well, we're late that's for sure, but the good news is
that if we want there are lots of opportunities for us to make a big

1. the platforms of these systems are very robust and almost all of them
have APIs that we can build our own interfaces.

2. Even w/o the APIs these systems are usually very customizeable and you
can pretty much make what you want out of it.

3. there is a HUGE open source CMS movement. I have often thought about
figuring out how to join such a movement to bring IxD to it.

That's an interestig subject ... The role of IxD in open source

-- dave

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