Modality of Web forms

5 Mar 2004 - 4:39pm
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I am designing a style solution. I noticed
that Yahoo's edit pages have a Finished button only
and no Cancel button.

I went to Edit->Edit Content for the Headlines panel.
I clicked on Delete All Headline Choices, but did not
press Finished. Then, I clicked on my Home button,
and all my headlines were gone. Isn't that a design

If you want to try a less destructive interaction, add
some headline sections, but don't click Finished.
Click "Home" button on browser (assuming
is your home). The new headlines will appear in your
news headlines.

So, I conclude that forms are not "modal".
Any change is applied immediately. Is this the
preferred way to make changes to WebPages?

Here is a more complex context:

Let's say: From the "main page", the user goes to an
edit page for editing some high-level items. From that
edit page, the user clicks to another page to edit
some child low-level items of a high-level item. Now,
when the user presses Finished in the second page,
should those changes apply immediately, or should they
be applied after the user pressed Finished on the
first-level edit page.


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