Formal training of IxDA members (was: Human Factors and Interaction Design)

23 Mar 2006 - 8:03am
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Lada Gorlenko

> Anyway, you make up number 7 on the list of HF professionals that have
> responded. I also had a shout from an Anthropologist (a very important, yet
> rarely discussed profession).

Here are some numbers from the last IxDA member census ran in
Spring'05 (the census formed the basis for IxDA personas that are
published on our web site).

263 IxDA members responded (circa 15% of IxDA population at that
time), of which 251 answered the question about FORMAL TRAINING (this
may not necessarily be to a degree level).

Top 8 FORMAL TRAINING responses are as following:
1. UI/IxD 38.6%
2. Usability/HCI 32.3%
3. Graphic/Communication Design 30.3&
4. Computer Science 26.3%
5. Psychology/Cognitive Science 21.9%
6. Humanities/Writing 20.7%
7. Human Factors/Ergonomics 19.9%
8. Information Design 19.1%

I cannot guarantee that the survey was representative of IxDA
population, but assuming so, 1/5 of 2000+ is a large number indeed.


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