Case studies in online portfolios (was: Are onlineportfolios useful?)

8 Mar 2006 - 12:20pm
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leo.frishberg a...

What a fascinating thread from this group!

My focus up until a few years ago was always on finding hard copy
examples of exemplary work to use as the seed of discussion during
interviews and hopefully pique the listener's interest and awareness of
my abilities. With my push into web engagements, I felt an online
presence was a necessary component of that process. I never believed I
would use the digital form of my "portfolio" as the primary focus of job

Instead, I designed the web portion as a "position paper", using
different aspects from the same projects I would normally show in
person, but creating a thread of discussion about theory into practice -
something that I knew would require too many elements to pull off well
during the interview process. It follows a general "case study"
approach, but aligns different projects along similar "themes."

I also was counting on this part of my marketing efforts to be a quick
and easy way for the individual with a passing or casual interest to get
a snapshot of what I'm trying to do.

Finally, it allows me to put up work that is both archaic (but possibly
of interest to some stakeholder, sometime) and offbeat.

The downside, of course, is that as with any web effort it requires
periodic refreshing, something I've not found the time or made priority
to do. Hence, it can begin to be as much a liability as an asset.

In short, I think an online presence is a necessary component of any
IxD's marketing efforts, but is an insufficient and inadequate form of
interview support.


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