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6 Mar 2006 - 3:29pm
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Doug Anderson

Hello Karen, et al.,

Interesting thread, thank you all. Some have noted that beauty/style is in the "eye" (perceptual apparatus?) of the beholder and now Karen has contributed references regarding the impacts of culture.

I recently read an article reporting that language has an effect on perception. The language you know & use affects what you "see." At one level this seems obvious, yet I found the research very interesting.

Gilbert, A.L., Regier, T., Kay, P., & Ivry, R.B. (2006). Whorf hypothesis is supported in the right visual field but not the left. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 103, 489-494.

It's available at

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Original message:
From: Karen
Sent: Sunday, March 5, 2006 12:31 PM
Subject: Re: Mini Detroit Design Renaissance

Hi Rob and all,

Apologies for the later reply. I have spent my entire weekend
getting utterly squished and reading the books stores here.
Surely if every reader were like me, all the bookstores would have to
close down.

Anyway, I was in a little sing song mood when I commented on the thread.
Hope the atmosphere on the forum would be casual. A little side track here
but many times I can't help to think of the differences in thinking
on the forum
and the thoughts in the books about the differences between Asian and
Perhaps its really a matter of taste as what Joseph and Glenn have put it when
we choose a car, or anything for that matter -- a thought, a
perception, an ideal
or a preference. Its very interesting to study just the forums itself.

Personally I do not really like American aesthetics. But then again
when I learn
about American culture and their way of thinking, I feel too that the
beauty of the product
shouldn't be restricted to what we think they should be. So in a way
I accept them
and appreciate them in their own right. When I do so, I then realize
that American aesthetics have
their own charm too. I don't even mind Americans talking loud anymore
even though I
am a very soft spoken person in real life.

On a separate note, this thread reminds me of a little sidetracking
here on the
different thinking and perhaps leading to the different perception of
things around us.
I've read 2 books which may be of interest to some and may be good
for those who want to learn about why we think and accept things as such.

Well forgive me for my unprofessional quoting of books but here they are:
1. Kishore Mahbubani's "Can Asians Think?" which looks into the characteristics
of thinking between the Asian and the Westerners from a predominately
political and socio-economical view point; and this very nifty interesting book
number 2 by Richard E. Nisbett on "The Geography of Thought", that
looks into the cultures
and the social origins of the mind.

Have a nice weekend for those who are in the western part of the globe,
I'm off to bed now. : )

Karen Fu

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