FYI: Telecom Event: From the Home Network to the Ultrabroadband Media Cloud

3 Mar 2006 - 1:40pm
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John Vaughan - ...

This event offers some analysis of the high-level "environmental" context of what we're doing.
Friday, April 21
Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI)

>From the Home Network to the Ultrabroadband Media Cloud

With broadband moving forward, one must think ahead to the next stage ... If every home has one gigabit connectivity and all the information devices are interconnected, what are the implications? ...

The technical complexities are quite extraordinary. At the same time, they take place in an environment where consumers have low expertise. On the business level, these developments require substantial investment, create new risks (and rewards) and lead to enormous new competitive overlaps. On the applications and content dimension, entirely new uses and genres become possible. And on the network level, the increased utilization levels will put new demands on communications infrastructure.

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