What's new at CHI this year?

12 Feb 2006 - 1:59am
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Robin Jeffries

I'm the Technical Program Chair for CHI2006, and I thought this list would
be interested in some of the new things we are doing this year that should
make CHI a "can't miss" experience.

First, CHI is in Montreal, a beautiful city, full of French food, old world
ambience, and beautiful spring weather. The dates are April 24-27, plus two
days of preconference activities (workshops and a Doctoral Consortium).

We've made a lot of changes to the conference this year, primarily to make
it more attractive to practitioners. We feel we have a world class research
conference, but the unique value of CHI is bringing researchers and
practitioners together, and the conference has been somewhat weak on
practitioner value the last few years. In that direction, we have:
- extended the core conference to 4 days; we have so much going on that
we just couldn't fit it all in fewer days
- intermingled the courses (what used to be tutorials) with the
technical program, and included them with the base conference price. We
have courses that range from 1.5 hours to a full day, on all kinds of topics
(see http://www.chi2006.org/courses.php for a full list)
- focused on the different facets of HCI, which we call communities:
Design, Usability, Education, Engineering, Management, Research, and
developed a full program for each. You will see interactive demos and hear
Experience Reports that tell you about real world lessons learned. We had
an especially strong set of submissions to the Design community.

We have two fascinating plenary speakers: Scott Cook, founder of Intuit,
will talk on the importance of User Centered Design to innovation. We will
close with Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, talking about
Digital Comics.

We also have many panels, which I think are exceptionally strong this year.
They include:
- a retrospective and critique of the XBox 360
- demos of a variety of mashups and a discussion of how this new genre
enables innovative new interaction models
- how service UIs are different from application UIs
- tagging
- several panels and other sessions on enlightening and engaging
management in supporting a user centered approach
- personas
- how we communicate design process and artifacts to other team members.

And you certainly can't miss the presentation on "poultry.internet", HCI's
response to bird flu concerns.

For full details on the technical program see:

We'll have a circus themed reception (Cirque de Soleil and the largest
circus school in North America have their home in Montreal), and a other
social events will help you meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.
There's a job fair for those of you who are looking for a new position (and
for employers looking for the best and brightest).

We start each day with "one minute madness", a fast paced (one minute per
presentation) overview of most of the day's activities, to help you find
your way through the blinking, buzzing confusion that is CHI.

There will also be a full program of research results. CHI still attracts
some of the strongest research around.

Early registration ends Feb 27, so start now to convince your manager that
this is the conference for you this year. You can register at:

To stay up to date on conference activities, subscribe to our blog at:

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Montreal in April.

Robin Jeffries
CHI2006 Technical Program Chair

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