IxDA Conference ??? (was Re: 2006 conferences)

9 Feb 2006 - 8:50am
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Dave Malouf

Speaking of conferences ...

One of my many duties in IxDA is that I'm the chair of the Local Groups &
Programming Committee. In that role I'm always thinking of great events to
produce, not just for local interest but for global interest. E.g. The IxD
Symposium at the IA Summit (http://ixda.org/en/iasummit06).

I thought since everyone is talkin' about conferences and doing comparisons
and such, I'd just be interested in knowing what you want from a conference.
Be as generic or specific as you like. But the question is, if IxDA was to
put on a conference say in 2007 or 2008 (the product manager in me knows
better than to be specific about dates), what would get you to come?
What types of programming?
What types of speakers?
Are you interested in being inspired, or purely educational?
Is IxD enough to keep you for 2-3 days? Or ... Would a general UX conference
that is co-sponsored by many organizations be more appropriate? If so, what
would you want to see that DUX isn't doing? What do you want to see that is
the same?
If it was over a weekend, would that make it easier?
What price points make it sellable to your company, or to your significant
What don't you want to see?

I thought a discussion, rather than a poll or survey would be better so this
way people can engage each other on these questions.

-- dave

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