How do you define successful experience? (was: Information Architect Opening at NavigationArts in Washington D.C.Metro Area)

10 Jan 2006 - 12:53pm
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Austin Govella

On 1/9/06, Natalie Buda <nbuda at> wrote:
> Two or more years of successful experience in information architecture field

How do you define successful experience?

Curious to your answers to this question. Is it experience where you
learned a lot? Where stakeholders were happy? Where projects were
completed on time?

As younger designers hone their skills, what kind of experience should
they try for in order to have successful experience?

Austin Govella
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10 Jan 2006 - 1:54pm
Natalie Buda

On 1/10/06 Austin Govella <austin.govella at> wrote:
> How do you define successful experience?

In the context of the job announcement sent, it is the application of their
design to solve a business problem, which resulted in both user and
stakeholder satisfaction for a web site or application.

There are a lot of valuable experiences in solutions that are failures also.
Both are valuable to an entry-level designer, especially if they are able to
understand the causes of the success and/or the failure.

I believe the best way for an entry-level designer to have successful
experiences is to be flexible, explorative, and try finding a good mentor.

. . . . . . .

Natalie Buda
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