FAV button and M&M's

19 Feb 2004 - 11:01am
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I wrote a bit about a TV remote control feature called "QuadraSurf" a
while back. It takes the FAV button idea a bit further - in a very
useful way. It uses four buttons...

Read it here:
Croc O' Lyle: User centered design sells products
"My wife wanted a new TV for the kitchen for Christmas, so I hit the
usual electronics outlets to see what my options were..."

...Going OT here - Call it the "Stupid Web Application of the Year
Just reading the post below the one I mentioned above, in which I
pointed out that I couldn't by M&M's where I live (in Minnesota).
Today, over two years later, evidently I have to travel 8.65 miles to
buy M&M's...and I'm talking about the plain, individual size M&M's that
I buy all the time. Sigh...

Check if you can buy M&M's where you live - I bet you can't:



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Dave wrote: " Would it kill them to make a remote that is backlit like a
phone touch pad?"

The FAV button began life as ALT for "Alternate Channel" which simply
toggled between two channels. Some TVs let you define the function to be
either a toggle or a string of "favorites" (though more a dozen does get
cumbersome when you can only go one way). Some TVs actually put
something up
on the screen, so you can summon the list and then pick... but then the
labor-saving aspect starts to seem shaky.

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