Informal IA Summit Dinner

18 Feb 2004 - 1:52pm
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Todd Warfel

Cast your vote below.

What is it?
An informal meet and greet during the IA Summit. A chance to get to
know some of the people we've all been interacting with on-line, or in
person. It's not sponsored by IA Summit. It's just something that a
bunch of us wanted to do.

Saturday night, Feb 28th.
Time: TBD, but I'm thinking 7pm.

That's where you guys all come in. I've received a number of
suggestions. Here's the list - all are within walking distance. Please
send your vote back to me by Thursday at 5pm. I'll send the winning
venue out to the list(s) this Friday.

Rate your top two by placing a 1 in brackets next to your first choice
and a 2 in brackets next to your second choice:

The Nominees

[ ] Kyoto I:
Style: Sushi
Location: 315 Congress Ave Ste. 200

[ ] Manuel's
Style: Mexican
Location: 310 Congress

[ ] Roy's
Style: Seafood (great dessert)
Location: 340 E. 2nd St.

[ ] Eddie V's Edgewater Grille
Style: Mediterranean Seafood
Location: 301 E 5th St.

[ ] Crimson
Style: American, Southern Cooking
Location: 407 Colorado St.


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