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7 Dec 2005 - 3:34pm
10 years ago
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Michael M. McCl...

Not to be too picky, but what earthly good is that map? I can see it as
some sort of informational art project, but you really wouldn't expect
an ordinary human to use that thing in any effective way, would you?
Outside of intellectual gymnastics, it seems completely useless to me.


7 Dec 2005 - 4:16pm
Wendy Fischer

Are you talking about the student project or the London underground map?

The London underground map is an invaluable tool if you travel on the Tube a lot. If you ever have travelled on the tube you'd understand that you need to know where the lines intersect in order to catch another train, know which zone you are in due to fare increases, and the intersection points with other trains that aren't on the underground network.

I thought the student project was really neat and kind of interesting. I think that given time and iteration (it still looked rather in the physical world stage) it could be really useful.

Do student projects have to be useful or personal design projects for that matter? I think all of us can be accused of gratuitous intellectual gymnastics sometime in our lifetime and I don't think that we should thumb our noses at such stuff, as it causes people to 1) learn 2) design and 3) innovate.


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