Directories that IxDA can host (was Re: Role Call: Bay Area Design Agencies)

6 Dec 2005 - 4:32pm
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Dave Malouf

As IxDA is going through a lot of changes recently, we are building a
Virtual (and physical) Community of Practice.

Chad's question is an interesting one to me. In essence he is creating his
own directory of services relevant to designers. There are other sites that
manage such directories for their members (some public). But I have a few
questions and would like comments and answers:

1. What areas do we need as practitioners of IxD need covered in such a

2. What use would we make of it and how would that use differentiate how we
structure and enable such a directory?

For #1, I can see tagging services along various lines such as size of
company, size of projects desired, reference rates, type of work?

For #2, I know that I've hired people from this list as outsourcing help for
usability work for example and I'm sure others are looking for all sorts of
project level support. Others may even be client side and needing a full-on
client relationship (I imagine this is rarer).

3. Would this all be redundant to Linked In and similar services? How would
we make this different?

-- dave

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