Anthropmetric software

14 Nov 2005 - 3:49pm
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Richard Zobarich

Gerard wrote:

>This may be a little "off topic" but does anyone know about
>antropemetric software that I can use in a student environment?
Hi Gerard,


Integrated Performance Modelling Environment (IPME)
<> by Micro Analysis & Design
<> {

The Integrated Performance Modelling Environment (IPME) is a Unix-based
integrated environment of simulation and modeling tools for answering
questions about systems that rely on human performance to succeed.

IPME provides:

- A realistic representation of humans in complex environments
- Interoperability with other models and external simulations
- Enhanced usability through a user friendly graphical user interface

IPME provides a full-featured discrete event simulation environment
built on the Micro Saint modeling software. Additionally, it provides
added functionality to enhance the modeling of the human component of
the system. Finally, it has a number of features that make it easier to
integrate IPME models with other simulations on a real-time basis
including TCP/IP sockets and tools for developing simulations that
adhere to the Higher Level Architecture (HLA) simulation protocols that
are becoming standard throughout the world.

These capabilities will help practicing professionals solve their
problems by providing answers to questions involving human performance.


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