Any Ixder's working on physical products in thegroup?

3 Nov 2005 - 2:10pm
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Mark Canlas

> Most Ixd discussions in this group are related to web/desktop
> applications. Wondering if anyone working with design of physical
> product is here? Looking to start a general dialogue specifically in
> this area.

A prime example I can think of is the iPod. Although software based, it is a
device that occupies meatspace. One could argue that its interaction design
transcends the desktop and pervades all layers of interaction, creating
an... experience. Easy to download, easy to manage, easy to configure, easy
to play...

What is it? The iPod is "cool". That's pretty much it and pretty cool to me.

And on an aside to physical design, I still think minimalism is nice/key. I
think the iPod is very minimalistic. All the "iPod killers" out there seem
so noisy/bulky. Why add all these unnecessary curves to design? The iPod is
just a prism (?) with rounded edges.

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