Request: Survey online about Workstlye in Interaction Design

26 Oct 2005 - 11:11am
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Lada Gorlenko

Posted on behalf of Pedro Campos. Please refer all queries about the
survey to Pedro himself (details below).

Dear Interaction Design Professionals,

LabUSE (Laboratory for Usage-Centered Design) of the University of
Madeira, is conducting a study on the working styles of interaction
designers, information architects and software engineers. Our goal is to
characterize transitions in working styles, which is why we ask for your
cooperation in answering the following survey. The survey shouldn't take
more than 2 minutes, which you can do online through the following URL:

A few issues regarding this survey:
1. This survey is intended to serve scientific purposes only; we
expect to publish results at an international level.
2. Respondents' identities will not be recorded, so privacy is guaranteed.
3. Data will be analyzed in groups and only by the LabUSE team members.
4. If you don't know how to answer a question, or if you have any
doubts regarding it's confidentiality, please proceed to the next question.

All results, as soon as possible, will be disseminated to all
respondents in the form of e-mail or web page.

Thank you in advance for your attention and help,
Pedro F. Campos -
LabUSE (Laboratory for Usage-Centered Design)
Univ. of Madeira, Madeira Islands, Portugal

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