ID in Seattle

21 Oct 2005 - 3:25pm
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Ryan Betts


I'm the TA for a course in Interaction Design up at Simon Fraser
University in Vancouver, BC. We'll be taking a group of 2nd years
down to Seattle to tour them around some firms (DK, Phinney) and get
some great talks (Tim Pfeiffer of LMN Architects, Tan Le, Alex
Steffen from There will also be a group of 24 4th
year mentors accompanying us.

We'll be there for 4 days: Nov 17th - 20th

Anything interesting and new that we can check out ID-related in the
Seattle area in our spare time? We'd really appreciate any info.

If anyone on this list is interested in tagging along on any of the
tours or talks, we'd be happy to try and accommodate you. We're going
to try and do the talks at the Koolhaas library in their big lecture
hall, so there should be plenty of room.

-Ryan Betts

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