World Usabilit Day, 3 November

16 Oct 2005 - 11:51am
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Lada Gorlenko

World Usability Day (WUD) aims helping everyone learn more about
the ways to create a better user experience of our world. It will
take place on 3 November and span across 36 hours, starting in New
Zealand around 7am local time and finishing around 10pm in San
Francisco at DUX'05. At the moment, events are planned in 70+
locations in 35 countries.

If you wish to take part in WUD, there is still time to do it. You can
either set up a new event or joint efforts with other sessions planned
in your area. Visit the WUD site for more info and inspiration at

If you have no resources, but still want to engage anyone from kids to
your clients, here is a collection of both fun and useful links put
together by the WUD sponsors:

Well done to Rick Cecil and others for putting IxDG on the WUD map in
the Research Triangle Area, North Carolina.

ATTENTION: Those IxDGers who are involved in WUD events, please make
yourself known (reply to me in person, with your name and location).
I would be very interested to learn how many of us are behind this, so
that we can scope IxDG participation better in the future.


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