How to improve the user experience for a web application with purpose to help end-users integrate multiple web applications with each other

13 Sep 2005 - 4:50pm
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Michael Frappie...

I read the mailing list daily and I believe I can get a lot of good insights
from you on some questions we have regarding how to make the software we are
working on more user friendly.

We have built a software helping non-technical users build custom, fully
integrated web applications, using our web application (we have various
versions of it - WebFusion Studio and Drag drop site creator). One of the
hardest part for us is to make users realize that they have a full
application running in their browser. A second problem we encounter is to
make the software easy to learn without removing the functionalities and
loading speed of the web pages constituting the software.

Would you mind sharing your experience building a web application which is
supposed to feel close enough to desktop application in terms of use & feel
but still keep all the advantages of a web application (real-time
collaboration, etc.)



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