Font Choice (was Google Talk, continued)

26 Aug 2005 - 10:13am
10 years ago
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Dan Saffer

On Aug 26, 2005, at 5:17 AM, Jason Keirstead wrote:

> Personally I find Arie much easier on the eyes vs. Vernada. From my
> experiece the difference between the various sans-serif fonts is
> mostly
> based on personal preference.

This isn't necessarily true. Even though I think it's an ugly, flawed
font, I've had to use Arial on occasion because the letters widths
are tighter than Verdana (a much much better font, esp. for screen
resolution), which makes it easier to fit words into dense tables
when presenting a lot of information. Until we can properly embed
fonts in CSS, in XHTML we're stuck with the 10 or so standard fonts
that most people have installed. It was really my only choice.



26 Aug 2005 - 2:43pm
Vassili Bykov

For some measurables on the subject, see this paper:

and other work by the same group.


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