Re: Usability on "The Fold"

22 Aug 2005 - 11:41am
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Jeff Howard

"Chaniya Suebsanguan" wrote:
Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on what the "new" fold is?

Back in 1999, webmonkey did some work on determining the fold size on common browsers.
They took screenshots of browser chrome from the Netscape 4 browsers all the way up to IE
6, and overlayed them to see how much real estate was left. Here's the article:

They came out with a "safe recommendation" of 983x578 for 1024 screens. Problem is, not
all people browse with their window maximized; I'd guess much less than those who
maximize 800x600 screens. Also, they didn't take into account tab bars in their study, so the
fold area probably needs to be recalculated. I'd follow their methodology, using an updated
list of browsers to find the "new" fold.

For what it's worth, I still design to make things work on 800x600 (760x410) and then build
in flexibility for larger screens.

// jeff

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