Adaptive Path Seeks Contract Interaction/Visual Designer

27 Jul 2005 - 11:24am
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Peter Merholz

Hello Ix-diggers--

Adaptive Path is looking for part-time contract Senior-level
designers to work on a variety of upcoming projects.

Adaptive Path is a leading user experience firm, with clients ranging
from the Fortune 500 to early-stage startups. For more, please visit
our website: <URL:>

The bulk of our work is web-based. As such, we're looking for a
designer who embraces this medium, who is comfortable in designing
with Web standards, who is experienced in developing interfaces and
pages that are useful, usable, and engaging.

Ideally, we are looking for a designer who is equal parts graphic
designer and interaction designer. As a graphic designer, you are
familiar with the standard fare of form, typography, color,
composition, imagery. Also, you have experience in either working
with established brand identities and developing new ones.

As an interaction designer, you understand the Web as a place where
people are trying to get things done. You seek to design tools and
content that empowers people to successfully accomplish their goals.

We seek people with extensive project experience (whether agency or
client-side), and a strong portfolio. We are definitely seeking
senior-level people, and are interested in talking to director-level
as well.

Projects range from 3 weeks to 6 months, and are worked on by small
teams that include both Adaptive Path staff and independent
contractors. Many contractors work on multiple projects with Adaptive

+ Interaction Design
- work with a team to develop work flows and wireframes
- appreciate conventions of good user interfaces -- and when to
break them
- comfortability in diagramming tools such as Visio or OmniGraffle
- experience with user-centered design methodologies

+ Graphic Design
- execute quality visual design work, employing a variety of styles
- able to successfully extend brands online
- demonstrate a deep familiarity with the Web medium
- understand the opportunities and limitations of standards-
compliant HTML
- Familiarity with Flash and Ajax a plus
- Ability to code standards-compliant HTML and Flash a plus

If interested, please email jobs at (I am one of the
people receiving email there, so it's also a good place for questions.)

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