Professional development; employer expectations (was RE: book recommendation foreveryone)

15 Jun 2005 - 11:17pm
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Josh Seiden

> I believe that the most important
> qualities that designers crave are engagement and
> inspiration. They need to feel engaged in designing and
> creativity, and they need to constantly feel inspired. There
> are many many ways to achieve this, and when you are in the
> slow route of cultural change in a corporation you can
> realize that one or both of these needs to be satisfied
> elsewhere.

Any time this subject comes up, I urge people to read DeMarco and
Lister's "Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams"

This is a fantastic little book about managing people who think
for a living. DeMarco and Lister agree with you about engagement
and inspiration. Their simple equation is this: people who think
for a living are happy when they can do high quality work. The
mission of enlightened management is to set good goals, create an
environment in which people can do good work, and then get out of
the way.

I would argue that professional development is part of that
enlightened environment.


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