Mobile Monday; meeting at 7:00 tonight in Redwood Shores

6 Jun 2005 - 11:32am
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Wendy Fischer

For any designers in the Bay area who are interested in mobile UI design, I came across this group Mobile Monday. It's short notice but they are having a meeting today. As a side note, I will be attending tonight since I am in the Bay area this week; if any mobile UI designers are interested in opportunities at Motricity in RTP, North Carolina, look for a redhead with short hair.
Meeting June 6th on Usability
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
The June Mobile Monday meeting is almost at hand. The theme for the month is usability. Here's the essentials:
What: June Mobile Monday (Usability)
When: June 6th, 2005 7:00pm
Where: Openwave in Redwood City (2100 Seaport Blvd,Redwood City, CA 94063)
Who: Anyone interested in mobility
Cost: Nothing!
The presenters:
Ron Mandel, Chief Architect Developer Products, Openwave Systems Inc. - Ron is giving a presentation titled "Device Diversity: What's a developer to do?". He has been responsible for overseeing and coding the Openwave Mobile SDK, development of sample tools and sample applications, technical documentation for developers, and the Application Style Guides for WAP Push, MMS, XHTML/CSS and WML. Ron is a contributing author to Designing Software for the Mobile Context, (published by Springer), as well as WAP Development with WML and WML Script (published by SAMS).
Blake Engel, Lead User Experience Designer, Moonstorm - Blake is giving a talk titled "The User Is Not Like Us", and will address how we as technologists, designers, and business people can build successful mobile products and reach business goals by designing for people and their goals. Blake studied Human-Computer Interaction and German at Carnegie Mellon University and he is responsible for all aspects of user interface and user research at Moonstorm. Blake is also the Lead of the BayCHI sub-committee on Mobile Applications.
"Just two presenters this time?" you might be thinking. Not quite. As those of you on the discussion list are already well aware, we've been looking to get some more real live on-the-device stuff to show off. Openwave has some pretty kick ass digs, and they have the machine necessary to show off a program running on a device. So Russ was going to drag out his grab bag of devices and show off them and the applications they run. I've pinged a few others with interesting devices to see if they can bring them by to show off as well. It's sure to be very interesting. I know I'm personally always surprised by the stuff Russ pulls out of his bag. As always, there'll be food and drink and plenty of time to network. So come on down and mix it up!

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