Quick Survey on Methodology Results

6 Jun 2005 - 10:03am
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Michael Tillmans

Thanks for helping with the quick survey on methodology practices. The
results are as follows:

1. Do you test or otherwise assess users for what they learn, recall or
can perform as a result of using your online site or other products?
(choose one)
Yes 6
No 2

2. I describe myself as an: (choose one)
Information architect
Usability specialist 1
Interaction designer 4
User experience specialist 2
other: 1 (all of the above, depending on context)

While I had hoped for a larger response, I am pleased to see that many
pros in the field do not content themselves with slamming doors and
kicking tires. thanks, Mike

Michael C. Tillmans
EyeDee at aol.com

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