WIRED's NextFest

26 May 2005 - 10:04am
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FelcanSmith, Mark

Thought this sounded pretty cool...

>Inspired by World's Fairs of the past, WIRED
>NextFest presents the future in Chicago this
>At this three-day festival, you will experience
>robots, flying cars, private space planes, homes of
>the future, fuel-cell concept cars, unmanned aerial
>vehicles, hypersonic sound beams, invisibility
>coats, and much more from visionary inventors,
>companies, and R&D labs around the world.
>WIRED NextFest features innovation in
>communication, design, entertainment, exploration,
>health, security, and transportation. Bold,
>inspiring, entertaining, and smart, WIRED NextFest
>is the must-see Chicago event of 2005!
> <http://www.nextfest.net>=20

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