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26 May 2005 - 12:54am
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Navneet Nair

Interestingly AJAX and reset when used in combination does create a
few problems, especially on IE. Our developers faced this when we
implemented AJAX based saving of forms for our application, the reset
button would work fine on Mozilla, but failed on IE. The reason was
the way the two browsers treat setAttribute("value"). IE as expected
behaves in a very non-conformant way and thus breaks the reset
function, and the form gets reset to a previous history instead of the
last saved data. I do not think there is a workaround for this as of
now, so the only solution was to remove the rest button altogether...


On 5/26/05, LukeW <luke at> wrote:
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> This topic came up at the AJAX Summit 2 weeks ago [1]. Consider the
> situation where AJAX is utilized to auto-save the contents of a Web
> form as a user enters it. This potentially useful interaction (esp.
> with extensive or important data entry in multi-tasking environments)
> requires that a user can say "remove the data I just entered from
> storage." Interestingly, the topic of "do we need a submit button if
> data is saved on the server in real time?" also came up. The
> consensus was users still need it due to established conventions and
> their desire for verification.

Navneet Nair
Interaction Architect
onClipEvent: form follows function();


26 May 2005 - 2:01am
Ischai Cohen

My opinion is that there is no need to set a reset of cancel button.
It'll be as annoying just like those cases in boards games where just
before the last stage you get thrown 4 steps back. If we're on the
subject - an advice: If it is a webbased application, make sure that by
auto-refresh of some kind that the contant isn't erased. I had this
mistake once when desinging an application form, which while you entered
text, the page would reset itself. Very bad move, but I learned since
then ;>
Yishay cohen

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