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6 May 2005 - 11:55pm
11 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

I've decided to enter the blog space. I have a new UxD blog at

It will deal primarily with mobile UXD but also touches on other UxD issues, but it is also a personal blog. I've had a wide range of experiences over the last few years, and I'm starting to build a library of use cases, and would like to share some of that info in an abbreviated format in the upcoming months.

Just a warning, my approach to IxD is rather practical and direct compared to several of you who tend to spend time philosophizing and waxing poetic regarding regarding IxD theory. I am highly opinionated regarding usability and interaction design of products but also approach IxD with a dry sense of humor. If your site or product appears on my blog, don't be offended.

Currently I gave a real time usability commentary on my experience using Blogger and Hello Bloggerbot and trying to set up my blog. For the most part I've avoided the Blog craze, but now living away in North Carolina away from my family in California has given me some time to experiment with new technologies I haven't had time to learn.

The first batch of blogs is train of thought. As I get deeper into mobile UXD, I plan on adding more info.


Pradyot Rai <pradyotrai at> wrote:
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Peter Merholz
> Andrew Dillon, now dean of the School of Information at UT, has
> reseached the effect of aesthetics on usability.

Excellent stuff, worth quoting --

" The perception of beauty is fundamentally important to humans, and
our research suggests that users of new applications often show
remarkable positive correlations between ratings of aesthetics and of
perceived usability. These correlations may not last but they matter
where use is discretionary. This work is aimed at broadening the
narrow focus on effectiveness and efficiency that dominates UE
[Beyond Usability Paper from Lazerow 2001 lecture in Toronto, to be
published in the Canadian Journal of Information Science.]"
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7 May 2005 - 12:39pm
Wendy Fischer

Dan (dan, whoever you are thanks) made some suggestions and I am trying to focus more on mobile UXD content on my blog,

I have just posted a review of Scott Weiss' book, Handheld usability, and posted some lins to information of things that I've found useful for doing mobile design in the trenches. I've also talked about things that I've applied, and some suggestions for improvments that I need to make to my UX organization of one.

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