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5 May 2005 - 6:59am
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Jared M. Spool


Usually, I try to restrain myself from advertising on lists like
ID-Discuss, but I've recently become aware that many ID-Discuss members
(and folks from my other favorite lists) are unaware of what we're doing
with this year's User Interface Conference, so I wanted to make sure
everyone had a chance to take advantage of the nifty offer we have going. I
apologize if you already knew about this or received a duplicate of this

This year's conference is our tenth anniversary, and in case you haven't
seen the program yet, it's really the best one we've ever done. We'll have
a keynote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (known by my friends as the "Flow
Guy") and a very cool Usability Practicum by Rolf Molich (where
participants compare their evaluation skills directly to their peers and
leaders in the field).

We've got full-day seminars are on topics regularly discussed on this list,
such as Marc Rettig on prototyping techniques, Kelly Goto on web-site
redesign strategies, Kim Goodwin on creating personas, and Hagan Rivers on
building web-based applications. Also, Christine Perfetti, Joshua Porter,
and I will be sharing UIE's latest research on product and web-site usability.

The conference, which is October 10-13 in Cambridge, MA, seems like a long
time away, but we have already had a ton of registrations and I'm expecting
many of the sessions to sell out. (A lot of folks are taking advantage of
the cool tenth-anniversary gift included with the early registrations: a
limited-edition UI10 iPod Mini. The deadline for getting one is 5/10.) I
really would hate to see people who want to come to this miss out. It will
be a lot of fun.

If you want to know more about discounted pricing, the complete program,
and special iPod mini offer, you can get all the details at

Again, I apologize to those who already knew about the conference. I just
know I'd kick myself if you wanted to come and missed our early pricing offer.



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