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5 May 2005 - 12:55am
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Jerry John

i innicated a discussion topic in flickr about the future for flickr; not in
its administration or mangaement; but as a freature set and didn't actually
get the right kinda responds - so i just thought i'd hit it against the
right group of people !!! sure now there is somethign we guys can fight
about ;)

this is how it was done :-

"I was just driving to work this morning and was wondering - how big is
flickr? , how many members strong is it? With the kinda information on this
portal, you could actually do wonders if we'd put our minds to it - EG:
wanna plan a vacation ! get on to flickr; what to know what to wear when u
get there, logon to flickr again . its becomes a way of life to some people
(including me; I must login at least 3 times in one day . )

I'm sure there are a whole lot of people who would share my thought ;) .
this is just to start a discussion ."

then someone called "striatic" wrote back

" flickr is pretty big, but not huge.

it certainly isn't the largest photosharing site .. at least not yet ; )"

then - i had to do something about it; ... my hands, just itching to comment
... ;)

"...hmmmm ... so it migth not be; but just think of it; this is the only
picture based forum where every discussion (almost) is related to a visual -
just imagine the kinda stories each picture would be associated to...

for a thought: i was just cleaning my closet the other day and found a whole
lot of images - and instead of cleaning, all i did was go through each of
those and think of all the memories that was associated to those events -

what if flickr could help us do that; have something like an online
scrapbook - it almost does this (technology wise speaking) but when it comes
to making it more interactive and hence more scrapbook like; with reference
to the physicaly qualities of a scrapbook - it would do wonders for flickr
and its user base - what do u think about that ... "

- jerry

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