Apple Motion Sensor as Input Device

24 Mar 2005 - 9:23am
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Dan Saffer

"Some Apple Powerbooks have a motion sensor inside that allows the
computer to detect how it is being moved. This is useful for, eg,
emergency harddrive head parking when a sudden fall is detected. Amit
Singh, while preparing for a book on OS X internals, has written
several programs that use the motion sensor for other purposes. This
page mentions those and then goes into great detail about a device
driver to use the motion of the computer as a substitute mouse."

Relates to the discussion a few days ago about adding more physical
interactions to digital devices.

Dan Saffer
M. Design Candidate, Interaction Design
Carnegie Mellon University


24 Mar 2005 - 5:03pm
Alain D. M. G. ...

At UIST 2003 they had two very interesting presentations on research
done with motion sensors used for interaction. The TiltText
application was clever but it was meant only to solve typing
ambiguities on cellular phones and other small devices:
and also:

The really fascinating application of motion sensors came from Ken
Hinckley and his group at Microsoft Research, where they had put
sensors and wireless network devices (802.11)on several Tablet PCs and
devised software for a variety of interactions between thes
Tablets,with users "pouring" info from one Tablet to another, or
colliding (gently) the Tablets together for a variety of inertactions
between Tablet-holding users. Because of my interest in large personal
(or groupware) displays I was most amazed by the interaction where many
tablets became a single large display. There was a very good video of
the interactions:

Alain Vaillancourt

Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ?

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