Update: IxDG @ IA Summit Sun. 3/6 @ 7p - Montreal, Canada

1 Mar 2005 - 11:20am
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Dave Malouf

If you are attending the IA Summit or just living in or near Montreal,
Canada and are interested in meeting others who do and are involved in IxD,
we have built an amazing dinner event for the evening of March 6th.
(People will be responsible for the costs of their own meals and drinks.)

Conference attendees should meet in the lobby of the Fairmont Queen E at
6:45p. We'll be going to the restaurant from there.

It is important that people RSVP to me, dave (at) ixdg (dot) org as we will
be updating a reservation for our selected restaurant. Here is the

Café Cherrier, at 3635 Rue St. Denis,
phone number 514-843-4308

As of now there are 32 people coming to this exciting evening for people
interested in IxD.

We will be closing our RSVP period by EOD Friday to give the restaurant a
final reservation count.

People who would like to eat dinner elsewhere, and then join us for some
social time afterwards, we will be at the bar from 9:30 or so, onward.

I want to thank in particular Hans Samuelson and Rebecca Downey for putting
in some amazing legwork to help organize this event.

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