ADMIN: Re: RE: Digest, Vol 17, Issue 22

23 Feb 2005 - 3:58pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

The previous message that was sent w/ the above subject line does not meet
the normal guidelines and standards for this e-mail list. It got through me
b/c I got a bit lazy (been a bit distracted, sorry).

But I thought I would take this opportunity to point people to two important
pages on our web site:

The first is our Guidelines:

The 2nd is our help file

A tip to folks in Digest mode:
1. don't just "reply" to digest. Create a new message and address it as
discuss at
2. Cut and poste only those things you need to directly quote
3. make sure the subject line matches that of the message you are replying
4. only reply to one message at a time

Last tip, if you set your Digest mode to MIME, you will get a batch of email
attachments instead of a long scrolling text, in which case you can open up
the sincle message and reply to it there (please trim replied quote anyway).

Again, sorry this message got through. My bad.

-- dave


23 Feb 2005 - 4:44pm
Dave Malouf
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