Sv: "Measures" in User Experience Design

18 Feb 2005 - 9:34am
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Tomas Lindroth


I don't know how usefull this is but look at: -She does this -Maybe there is something here? -Should be related? -Should be related?

and of course Donald Normans: -Is defenetly related

But then again, measuring...An experience is to me a qualitative experience and to evaluate qualitative experiences we have interviews, that is, I like to talk to people.

Will a method or a theory ever tell me how I should do things or is it up to me as a designer to make use of my reflective judgment? I'm of the humble opinion that one has to decide what "fun" is in every specific situation, it is not easily generalised to other settings, but rather has to be transferred to a new context by the one how wants to use it.

For more thoughts on these subjects see:

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Does anyone here know - what should be the "measures" of designing for
user experience? Issues like fun, pleasure, enjoyment are merely
abstract concepts but how could a designer actually apply them into
their design? I would appreciate if anybody in this group could me
some links, etc.

Thanks in advance

User Experience Designer

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