JOB: Design Architect - Dakasa, Full Time, Boston MA

11 Feb 2005 - 10:49am
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Coryndon Luxmoore

My company is looking for an additional interaction designer the job description is below. Dakasa is a small services company in Boston MA developing a range of interfaces from call center software to company websites. If you are interested please use the online job application form link at the bottom of this email.

Thanks - Coryndon

Design Architect Job Description

- Ability to develop concepts, plans, and design solutions for interactive media
- Specialization in graphic design, information architecture, content development and/or multimedia production
- Ability to lead design team through a multi-phased project development cycle
- Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or equivalent experience
- At least 5 years design experience in the client service industry or similar

The Design Architect role at Dakasa entails the following essential job functions. These are the core responsibilities required for adequate job performance:

- Comprehend business and communication objectives and plan strategic design solutions accordingly
- Ability to recommend solutions that leverage a variety of media and interactive technologies
- Deep understanding of consistent, modular design and type systems
- Working knowledge of application usability standards and testing methods
- Excellent written/verbal/visual communication and organizational skills
- Effectiveness in presenting ideas to clients, communicating project status, and building client relationships
- Participation in and facilitation of client meetings as necessary to gather requirements, present design concepts, and guide participatory design sessions
- Plan personal and team project development activities according to major project phases
- Estimate design activities in support of business development, project planning, and resource allocation
- Measure proposed design solutions and team deliverables against established evaluation criteria and quality standards
- Ensure all design deliverables meet the internal and external requirements of the project, including time, budget and scope
- Responsibility for ensuring all members of design team are able to complete assigned work according to project plan and deadlines
- Collaboration with account and technical resources to measure progress and ensure effectiveness of design solutions
- Proactively identify, communicate, mitigate, and resolve project-related issues
- Fluency in modern design applications such as Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, Freehand/Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress
- Report to Clinton Goyette, Vice President of Design

The Design Architect role at Dakasa entails the following non-essential job functions. These responsibilities are in support of the essential job functions:

- Participate actively in new business development opportunities
- Work with Dakasa management team to plan the growth of the Design discipline
- Stay abreast of design and technology trends for creation of innovative solutions
- Develop proficiency in Dakasa’s other core disciplines, including technology development and account management

Dakasa is a small, multi-disciplinary design and technology company located in downtown Boston. Our team of experienced, energetic professionals work together to produce outstanding results for our clients with a strong commitment to delivery. We work hard for our clients and have a lot of fun doing it.

Dakasa is an equal opportunity employer. This job description is effective as of February 1, 2005. It is subject to change at any time by Dakasa Corporation.

If you feel your skills are a good match for this position, please submit your resume and portfolio using our online form at

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