best online survey apps?

4 Feb 2005 - 1:56pm
11 years ago
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Rhonda Nelson

I'm going to be setting up an online survey for a
select group of users. I'd like the survey to be kind
of "smart" ie. being able to have selections and
rankings in 1-4 question affect what gets shown in the
last question to assist in ranking.

If you have worked with anything like this or any
online survey apps, let me know and I'll gather and
repost to the list.

Rhonda N


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4 Feb 2005 - 3:50pm
Dan Zlotnikov

There was a thread (at least one that I remember) on this a few months back.
The two names I recall from that were surveymonkey and zoomerang.

Also, take a look at some of the other results that come up under
"surveymonkey" and "survey." Unfortunately, I can't link directly to



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