"Government Computer Blunders Are Common"

1 Feb 2005 - 6:43am
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Petteri Hiisilä


"The FBI's failure to roll out an expanded computer system that would
help agents investigate criminals and terrorists is the latest in a
series of costly technology blunders by government over more than a decade."

"Experts blame poor planning, rapid industry advances and the massive
scope of some complex projects whose price tags can run into billions of
dollars at U.S. agencies with tens of thousands of employees.

"There are very few success stories," said Paul Brubaker, former deputy
chief information officer at the Pentagon (news
- web sites
"Failures are very common, and they've been common for a long time."

"Ever since there's been IT (information technology), there have been
problems," said Allan Holmes, Washington bureau chief for CIO, a
magazine published for information executives. "The private sector
struggles with this as well. It's not just ... the federal government
that ... can't get it right. This is difficult."


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