Report from Los Angeles F2F

28 Jan 2005 - 10:09pm
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Elizabeth Bacon


I'm pleased to report that 18 people came out to our very first IxDG F2F in
Los Angeles, California this last Tuesday evening at the Nova Express cafe.
We enjoyed getting to know each other over Cosmic Pizzas, learning about
each other's professional situations and discussing the state of the
industry in Los Angeles.

After everybody had a chance to dine, we each introduced ourselves to the
group and spoke a little bit about what the IxDG means to us. The most
common thread was that the group is a valuable way for us to meet people who
don't return a blank stare when you say what it is you do for a living!
Further interesting discussion ensued about how exactly our profession
should be known to the world, and how we all wish we had more time to
participate in the incredibly active IxD Discussion List....

Overall, a good time seemed to be had by all, and we aim to keep building up
the local community. We had the local UXNet ambassador present, as well as
several officers of the LA-CHI chapter. Since LA-CHI has an established
meeting schedule every other month in 2005 with fun agendas already defined,
we plan to see each other there in a couple weeks. People also are
interested in having a "First Friday" sort-of occasion on the off-months in
order to gather socially.

If you missed this event but want to be in the loop on future such events in
the Los Angeles area, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!


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