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1 Feb 2010 - 11:19am
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Not sure who else here uses Scrivener
(<>), but it's author
has some interesting thoughts on the iPad from the point of view of an
indie OSX developer and content producer:


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5 Feb 2010 - 6:17pm
Billie Mandel

Thanks for posting this - I'm using Scrivener for my current
novel-in-progress and I love it, and yes, I was one of those who was
interested in iPad support for it. I have to admit, I deeply miss the
days when I had a mobile version of Word and my entire current
manuscript on my mobile device. I didn't need all the features of
Word - I was just happy that I could add scenes, notes, whatever
while waiting in line for takeout.

I really question whether if the folks bugging them about it would
want *all* the features of the full app on a mobile device. I think
the Scrivener guys' reaction might be an artifact of the all-too
common perception that the mobile web/mobile software should be a
shrunk-down version of their full-sized friends. What they should
probably write instead is a "Scrivener companion" for iPad that
allows people to do a subset of likely mobile tasks such as writing
research notes or scenes -- in a format that will be consumable by
the desktop app, and without too many sync shenanigans. In fact -
I'm going to go over to their blog now and recommend exactly that.

Hope you're all having fun in Savannah - I'm green with envy!


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