Invitation to workshop/ Experimental Objects / Lancaster/ 18-19 February 2010

29 Jan 2010 - 12:06pm
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Monika Buscher



*Experimental Objects*

*18-19 February 2010*

*Venue: Storey Creative Industries Centre, **Meeting House Lane,
Lancaster LA1 1TH*

Pre-programme 17th and 18th, please see

Subject to human manipulation, objects can seem to be exposed to human
curiosity and imagination, controlled through processes such as
experimentation (Rheinberger 1997) and design (Latour 2008). But the
purpose in both contexts is often to 'tickle' objects, to make matter
'speak' (Latour 2004). Experiments can reveal that, far from being mere
things 'out there', indifferent to human attention until addressed,
neatly bounded, predictable and knowable, objects are secretly lively:
elusive or responsive, recalcitrant or changeable (Barad 2007). These
aspects become palpable in different forms of experimental engagement,
from child's play to art, from design to science (Bourriaud 2002,
Suchman 1987, Pickstone 2000).

This interdisciplinary workshop is the fourth workshop of the
Experimentality programme, and is organised by the Institute for
Advanced Studies, Lancaster University, in collaboration with the Storey
Gallery, Lancaster, and the Centre for the History of Science,
Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester.


In interaction with a new exhibition at the Storey Gallery, 'What
happens if ... ?' (30 January -- 3 April 2010 - <ttp://">), workshop
participants will explore object-becoming performed in and through
experimentation in science and design.


The workshop will feature presentations by an international,
interdisciplinary group of designers and historians and sociologists of
science, who with the other participants will explore, formulate, shape
and debate the possibilities and dangers of experimental objects:

· Gail Davies (Geography, University College London)

· Dieter Daniels (Academy of Visual Arts (HGB), Leipzig)

· Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (!, London)

· Daria Loi (Intel Corporation, USA)

· Ilana Lowy (Centre de Recherche Medicine, Science Santé et
Societé, CNRS, Paris)

· John Pickstone (CHSTM, University of Manchester)

· Hans-Jorg Rheinberger (Max Planck Institute for the History of
Science, Berlin)

· Bruno Strasser (History, Yale University)

· Lucy Suchman (Sociology, Lancaster University)

· Stuart Walker (Design, Lancaster University)


The workshop will start at lunchtime on 18 February, and end at 17.00 on
19 February.

*Storey Creative Industries Centre <ttp://">*

Admittance to the workshop is by registration only, as space is limited.

The workshop is free to attend for Lancaster University staff and for
full-time students. For others the fees are as follows:

· First (half) day including lunch (18 February): £20

· Second day including lunch (19 February): £25

· Both days (18 and 19 February): £40

Optional evening meal (self pay) in Lancaster on 18 February.

For suggestions for nearby overnight accommodation, see <ttp://">.

To register, please copy and paste the below information into an email,
fill in your details and send to Anne-Marie Mumford
(a.mumford at


Affiliation & status (staff/student etc):

Email address:

Days attending: 18/19/both days

Dinner on 18 (self-pay): Yes/No

Special Requirements (eg access, dietary):

For further event details, go to:


PERIMENTALITY*/Experimentality/* is the 2009-2010 Annual Research
Programme of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University,
and consists of a linked series of workshops and arts events, and a
final conference. It is being delivered in collaboration with the
School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, University of Manchester; the
ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics, Lancaster
University; FutureEverything; the Centre for the History of Science,
Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester; the Max Planck
Institute for the History of Science, Berlin; the AHRC Research Centre
for Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies, University of Manchester;
The Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University; The Nuffield
Theatre, Lancaster; The Lancaster International Concert Series; The
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster; Storey Gallery, Lancaster; Lancaster
Literature Festival; and CUBE, Manchester.

For details of the Experimentality programme, including
interdisciplinary workshops, arts events and the final conference, go to

Dr Monika Buscher
Part I Director
Co-Director Mobilities Lab
Department of Sociology
B14, Bowland North
Lancaster University

Where is Monika?
email: m.buscher at
mobile: +44 (0)7890 847166

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