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13 Jan 2010 - 11:08pm
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A rare opportunity for a superior UX Architect / Consultant with high-end Client, Agency and Services experience has arisen in Melbourne…

· Senior talented team and strong collaborative culture

· CBD HQ and enviable client portfolio

· Salary dependant on experience and expertise $$$

When my Client briefed me on this role I knew that the right person would be difficult to find. I mean, how many people out there really truly understand AND can evangelise the subtle nuances of the User-Centred Design process, UX and it’s intricacies, the complex matrix of the web and the creative but focused reality of true design excellence? But we know you’re out there and I will find you.

A little about my Client:

· Currently the team stands at around 12 team members. But not for long! They are growing into one of the most interesting boutique Experience Advocates the Industry has seen for some time.

· I’d describe them as Agency feel but with the right balance of Customer focus and Knowledge depth.

· There are no gimmicky fusball tables in sight, nor will you find a power suit within 5k of their HQ.

· Their culture is one of professionalism, creativity, technical depth of knowledge, strong collaboration, open communication and structured Project Management.

· They work with some of the most desirable Blue-chip clients across the Asia-pac region.

· For a small boutique specialising in UX and Customer Intel, they have robust, elegant and cutting edge tools, tech and creative support and supportive systems in place.

· They want you now, so let’s get cracking…

A little about the role:

The role is made for a UX Architect/Senior Interaction Designer who has excellent Consulting skills and has a history within the Agency and/or Professional Services world. Ideally you will use your magnificent skill set to liaise confidently with existing and new Clients on a commercial/fiscal level as well as consulting, managing relationships, client presentation and team collaboration. The goal of the business is to educate the commercial world on the importance of User Experience for business efficiencies, form and function in symbiosis with commercial concerns, expand the business to become not only Melbourne’s leading UX consultancy but further into a brand whose work signifies a new standard in Interaction, User-Centred Design and Experience.

A little about you:

This role is not for the faint-hearted or a maverick with a mouth, this is a role for a true advocate of UX and UCD practises, an intelligent individual with gravity and presence and a polished communication style. Experience in Agency and/or Professional Services on projects scaling the $500m PLUS range is very desirable.

Further to this, you will want to be:

· A natural evangelist

· Know the difference between a digital charlatan and a so-called Social Media guru

· You might even have your own blog (but not just any old blog – a true tool for the facilitation of knowledge throughout the web)

· Your communication style is pragmatic, lacking in ego and understated without losing any dynamism or effect

· You definitely have a good sense of humour

· You have a natural tendency to the creative alternative

What is missing here?

You’ll notice that I haven’t reeled off a list of common UX practises, theories and methodologies for you to checklist against. And it’s not because I’m lazy – it’s because the right candidate will come to me and tell me what I know a strong UX Architect / Consultant should know. Let’s not just shoot the breeze over the practise of this discipline; let’s really get into what makes you tick and how you are ready to join one of the most aware and interesting UX teams in town.

Looking forward to reading your resumes, being wowed by your folio’s and being impressed with your project and consulting finesse.

Please contact Georgie at either georgie at or +61 3 8060 9280.


Thanks guys :)

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