SurveyGizmo and popups for customer satisfaction survey?

12 Jan 2010 - 3:43pm
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Tom Keenoy

I have not implemented these on a site, but my experience with them as
a user has been very negative. The "Would you like to take a
survey?" dialogue immediately calls to mind every time I've ever
agreed to take a survey in real life, and been promised it would
"only take 2 minutes," and ten minutes later I'm still standing
there. I universally click "no thanks," and am left annoyed that I
had to click through to get to the content I want.

I think that a better approach would be to build it into the checkout
experience as only 1-3 questions after the confirmation, so that
people can feel confident that they know that they're not signing up
for a long, involved process. Spread the questions over more users
(let's assume there are 9 questions - show each user three), and
with a better response rate you should gather at least as much data.
That's my hypothesis, anyway.

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