Seeking 2x2 diagram featuring iPhone app

10 Dec 2009 - 12:40am
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Suzanne Ginsburg

Hello IXDA folks,

I'm looking for an example of a 2x2 diagram that features an iPhone
app. For those of you unfamiliar with 2x2 diagrams, they are often
used to to illustrate the competitive landscape and identify high
level opportunities. As indicated by the name, these diagrams focus
on two key criteria, which will vary depending on the domain and app.
There's a nice example in these slides:

See slide #4

The diagram will be used in the competitive analysis section of an
upcoming book on iPhone app design (Addison-Wesley, June 2010). The
diagram author will be given credit as well as a copy of the book.
Something visually appealing with recognizable brands would be most

Please contact me directly if you have an example to share. In case
it wasn't clear, I'm the author of the book.

Suzanne Ginsburg


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