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7 Dec 2009 - 10:32pm
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Jay Rogers

Interaction designers!
Sydney-based Atlassian Software is looking for a world class user
interface designer to join our Confluence Wiki team. We're looking
for someone who will blow us away with sharp interaction design
skills and who's a master at concepting and designing rich internet
applications. Because of the nature of our product, we are especially
looking for a document & information design maven. Expertise in social
media and business collaboration tools is also on our shopping list.

Does this combination of talents and interests sound like you?
Interested in living and working in Australia? Drop us a line!

Here's the job description:

* Design elegant interfaces for our globally acclaimed collaboration
and development tools
* Join an agile design practice where you'll have a high level of
* Teach, learn, and give back to the community in an open, unique
Australian company

You're a designer and a thinker. You inhale complex UI requirements
and exhale beautiful visualisations of how applications look and
behave. You think and communicate visually using sketches,
wire-framing, Photoshop mockups, and interactive prototypes to model
your solutions to the tough problems of UI design. You've honed your
craft over the years and can visualise, iterate, execute, and validate
designs at lightning speed. Agile schmagile. Your designs grace
products used by thousands or hundreds of thousands. You're a
consummate communicator and collaborator, and you're picky about who
you work with.

Position Summary

As part of the Design team at Atlassian, you'll be located in a
central team of UI designers, and you'll work closely with the
product manager and development teams of one of our key products.
You'll have ongoing responsibility for improving the quality and
innovation of the user interface of one of our core products.

What You'll Do

* Be the primary advocate for user goals and needs
* Drive constant improvements in user experience quality and
* Produce user, task, and product models in a variety of visual and
interactive formats
* Create production-quality visual assets and icons for the
development teams
* Manage cross-product UI improvements, balancing consistency with
* Share your knowledge and skills

Key Skills

* UI wireframing in Visio, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle, or Illustrator
* Extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop producing pixel-perfect
screen designs
* Strong grasp of underlying web application technologies: HTML, CSS,
DOM, and various JavaScript libraries (aka "ajax")
* Ability to distill complex relationships and concepts into
understandable user models
* Experience interacting directly with users and managing long-term
customer relationships
* Experience in Information Architecture, Information Design, Screen
Layout and Interaction Design
* Strong negotiation skills
* Outcome-driven work style
* Otherworldly personal time management skills

Work Samples

Please submit work samples or URLs for portfolio websites to be
considered for this role. It’s very helpful if you identify your
exact role and responsibility for each example presented.

Apply Here:

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